Which Type of Dentures is Right for You?

Rutgers Health University Dental Associates offers several types of dentures to accommodate the needs of most patients. Whether just a few teeth must be replaced or full dentures are the right solution, our teams in New Brunswick and Newark can assess your situation and provide the right prosthodontics for your unique needs.

Temporary vs. Long-Term Dentures

If you're preparing for dentures for the first time, you may require a number of extractions to remove unhealthy teeth. In these cases, the dentist may provide a temporary set of dentures, known as immediate dentures. These dentures can be worn as a placeholder until healing is complete and the jaw bone has adjusted, ensuring your mouth is ready to comfortably accommodate new permanent dentures.

Partial vs. Full Dentures

If all the teeth in the top or bottom jaw (or both) are missing, you'll require a full set of dentures. The dentures will fit along the top or bottom gum line and are typically crafted from highly durable resin material, which enables them to resist stains and water. This material can be customized in several shades for a natural look, and detailing in the gums provides a highly authentic appearance.

If only a few teeth are missing, then a partial set of dentures may be more appropriate. Partial dentures are made from the same quality materials as full sets, but the denture will only have replacement teeth where needed.

Other Types of Dentures

Most dentures are kept in place with adhesive or oral suction, but can easily be removed whenever the patient wishes. However, these types of dentures can move or slip while talking or chewing. Implant-supported dentures provide a solution to this issue, using permanent implants that hold dentures in place and keep the surrounding bone healthy and strong to avoid changes to the shape of the face. You may also have the option of overdentures, which are supported by implants but can be easily removed for cleaning, or fixed dentures, which are also held in place with implants but cannot be removed at home.

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