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Crowding of Teeth

As one of the most common orthodontic problems, crooked teeth can affect your smile and your confidence. Fortunately, Rutgers Health University Dental Associates provides a full range of orthodontic services that can correct crowded teeth in children and adults, leaving you with a happy and healthy smile.  To schedule an appointment, call our New Brunswick office at 732-235-5050 or our Newark office at 973-973-2444.

What Causes Teeth Crowding?

Many times, crowding of teeth results from genetics, but it can also be caused by early or late loss of primary teeth or improper tooth eruption. It occurs when there is a lack of harmony between the size of your teeth and jaw size. In other words, crowding of the teeth happens when your teeth are much larger than the available space in your jaw, causing your teeth to look crooked.

Are There Any Problems Associated with Teeth Crowding?

Crowding of teeth can affect more than just your smile – it can actually cause a myriad of dental complications. Because crowded teeth are so close in proximity, it can be difficult to properly eliminate plaque, which can lead to tooth decay and gum and periodontal disease over time.

What Are the Treatment Options?

Crowded teeth have no place in a healthy mouth. That’s why Rutgers Health University Dental Associates offers orthodontic treatments aimed at straightening teeth. In most cases, traditional metal bracesceramic braces, and clear aligners can be used to correct the crowding of teeth. For more complex cases, our dentists might recommend surgical treatment.

Orthodontic Services from Rutgers Health University Dental Associates

If crowded teeth are impacting your self-esteem, turn to the experienced orthodontists at Rutgers Health University Dental Associates. We can recommend the best course of treatment for your unique orthodontic needs. Make an appointment