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Ceramic Braces

Rutgers Health University Dental Associates specializes in ceramic braces for both pediatric and adult patients. For patients with misaligned or misshapen teeth in the Newark and New Brunswick area, ceramic braces from RHUDA may be the solution.

A popular choice among adults, but also appropriate for many younger patients, ceramic braces are tooth-colored and less visible than metal braces. In the past, they were more fragile, but materials have improved so that breakage is rare when appropriately cared for. However, they can get discolored and patients need to be careful if they consume coffee or red wine. They also cost more than metal braces.

See If Ceramic Braces Are Right For You

To find out if you’re eligible to receive treatment from an orthodontic professional at Rutgers Health University Dental Associates, attend a screening session or contact us at 973-972-4704 for more information.