Orthodontics in Newark and New Brunswick, NJ

At Rutgers Health University Dental Associates, our orthodontists help patients find and maintain happy, healthy smiles.

Our Orthodontists
As faculty at Rutgers School of Dental Medicine, our orthodontists have direct access to new research and technology. For more complex cases, they work with on-site oral surgeons to provide convenient and well-coordinated care. We work with children and adults of all ages.


Early /Interceptive treatment (ages 7-10)
Comprehensive treatment (ages 10 and older)
Limited treatment (ages 18 and older)
Surgical treatment (ages 18 and older)

Types of Braces:

Traditional Metal Braces: Metal braces are the most common type of braces and can be customized with a variety of colorful elastic bands.

Ceramic Braces: These are less visible compared to traditional braces. They are  generally preferred by adults but can be given to any patient. Our providers will be happy to discuss this option with you.

Lingual Braces: We also provide braces that are placed on the inner surface of the teeth and aren’t visible when patients smile and talk. Adult patients prefer these to traditional metal/ceramic braces on the front of the teeth. Talk to our providers if you think this is a good choice for you.

Invisalign: We also offer the Invisalign system. These are clear aligners created using leading 3-D computer technology If you’re considering Invisalign, check with our providers. We have an invisalign teen program, too.

Rutgers Health University Dental Associates strives to provide a comfortable and welcoming experience, while helping you get the smile you’ve always wanted.