Orofacial Pain Diagnosis & Treatment

Are you experiencing chronic pain in your jaw, mouth, head, face or neck? The Rutgers Health University Dental Associates may be able to help. Our doctors are dedicated to diagnosing and treating orofacial pain and have helped hundreds of patients find the relief they deserve. For more information, contact our Newark or New Brunswick, NJ offices today.

Understanding Orofacial Pain

The field of orofacial pain was created to help treat cases where medicine and dentistry overlap. For example, teeth clenching and grinding can cause chronic headaches. Similarly, a nerve issue can result in severe jaw pain. Our dentists and specialists work in collaboration with the Neuroscience Institute of New Jersey and Department of Pain Management, as well as the University Hospital in Newark, to deliver the best care possible in even the most challenging cases.

Some types of orofacial pain we can help diagnose and treat include:

  • Chronic headaches
  • Chronic toothaches
  • Trouble sleeping
  • Trauma-related orofacial pain
  • Trigeminal neuralgia
  • TMJ pain
  • And more…

If you’ve been dealing with orofacial pain that doesn't respond to pain medication or previous treatments, it’s important to seek additional help. If left unmanaged, the issue can worsen and cause other problems to develop and significantly disrupt your life.

What to Expect

When you arrive for your appointment, we’ll begin by gathering your medical history and performing a comprehensive evaluation. We’ll discuss your symptoms, such as what your pain feels like, if there are any known triggers and what treatments, if any, have been attempted in the past. Our offices are equipped with the latest technology, including x-rays and the VELscope oral screening system, to give us a clear picture of what might be causing your pain.
At the end of your consultation, the specialist will make a diagnosis and recommend a potential treatment plan. While not every condition is curable, there are often many effective ways to minimize symptoms and reduce and manage orofacial pain.

Finally Get the Relief You Deserve

Don't let orofacial pain control your life. Find relief for your discomfort by making an appointment with Rutgers Health University Dental Associates at our Newark or New Brunswick, NJ locations. Our expert orofacial team will provide the care you need to take the first steps toward recovery.