Cutting Edge Oral Radiology in Newark and New Brunswick, NJ

At Rutgers Health University Dental Associates, we offer all the services and specialties you need under one roof. Located at a top academic research institution, our practice is always integrating new technologies for the most comprehensive care. This includes oral radiology, which is used to get a clear picture of your mouth and prevent problems. 

Mouth and Head X-rays 
Oral Radiology uses a variety of imaging modalities to help identify and pinpoint the root of lesions, diseases, and other oral problems. The state-of-the art technology at Rutgers Health University Dental Associates, such as digital radiography and cone-beam computed tomography, assists the doctor in finding the treatment that’s best for you.

Common dental problems such as cavities and periodontal disease can often be caught at an early stage when radiographs are taken to supplement clinical examinations and other diagnostic tests. Earlier detection often means less damage to the teeth and supporting structures of the mouth. In the long term, this can mean less pain, fewer emergencies, and lower dental costs.

Diagnostic Radiology 
Our advanced imaging studies help us diagnose and visualize the extent of disease, as well as accurately plan surgical procedures, such as dental implant placement. Oral and maxillofacial radiologists at Rutgers Health University Dental Associates will share reports of scans with your dentists.