Reconstructive Dental Surgery in Newark and New Brunswick, New Jersey

At Rutgers Health University Dental Associates in Newark and New Brunswick, New Jersey, our team understands the complex nature of reconstructive dental surgery. When it comes to meeting our patients’ needs, our surgeons draw from their technical expertise and innate compassion to provide quality care. If you have multiple oral health problems that affect your teeth and supporting tissue, facial deformities, or functional problems, our renowned dentists and specialists are standing by.

Reconstructive Dental Surgery Defined

Much like its name suggests, reconstructive dental surgery is the surgical correction of facial irregularities. These can include correction of protruding jaws, facial fractures, congenital facial deformities, facial tumors, and more.

Most often, patients with oral health issues affecting their teeth and any surrounding tissue are acceptable candidates for reconstructive dental surgery. However, candidacy also extends to those with facial irregularities or functional issues.

Types of Reconstructive Dental Surgery

Reconstructive dental surgery can be used to treat a wide variety of oral health conditions, including everything from nerve injuries to physical trauma. At Rutgers Health University Dental Associates, our team deploys several different surgical modalities to address these maxillofacial issues, including:

Full Mouth Reconstruction

During a full mouth reconstruction, a patient’s teeth are either rebuilt or replaced. In certain cases, their soft facial tissue is also repaired. The surgeons who perform these procedures combine skill in both esthetics and restorative dentistry to not only bring back the health and function of the mouth but its appearance, too.

Soft Tissue Reconstruction

Surgeons who perform one of these procedures can reconstruct a variety of facial abnormalities. Frequently, patients with facial irregularities from congenital conditions, such as cleft lips, and trauma are treated with one of these procedures.

Facial Bone Reconstruction

This type of surgery is used to repair facial fractures that involve bones (i.e. hard tissues) in the jaw, cheeks, skeletal orbits (i.e. eyeholes), or skull. Oftentimes, the surgeons who perform these procedures can make incisions that do not produce any noticeable scars.

Tumor Ablative Surgery

This surgery performed in the operating room resects tumor and often concomitantly will perform some form of reconstructive surgery at time of ablation. Additional soft tissue and/or bone reconstruction may be required including possible placement of dental implants to restore dentition and function.

Benefit from the Results

No matter the type of reconstructive surgery, our main goal is to restore a patient’s confidence and quality of life. Whether it’s by removing an oral tumor or treating a sports injury, reconstructive dental surgery often improves the physical appearance and function of the body parts treated.

But how can we deliver results like this? It’s all thanks to the thoroughness of a patient’s initial consultation with Rutgers Health University Dental Associates. Our skilled surgical team will work with patients to determine their candidacy for reconstructive dental surgery, considering factors such as each patient’s age, preexisting health conditions, current injuries, and more. Drawing from their expertise, they’ll then develop a treatment plan that suits each patient’s unique dental needs.

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Not only do our practitioners treat patients at our Newark and New Brunswick offices, but they also serve as professors and faculty at the Rutgers School of Dental Medicine. This means that the care our patients receive before, during, and after reconstructive dental surgery is rooted in the latest advancements in medicine and technology, giving our patients added peace of mind.

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