Oral Surgery in Newark and New Brunswick, New Jersey

Oral surgery is an effective solution for a wide array of dental health problems. But with medical innovations being made each year, it takes a team of flexible, skilled individuals to keep up with this ever-evolving branch of dentistry. At Rutgers Health University Dental Associates in Newark and New Brunswick, New Jersey, patients are met with such a team of surgeons, who utilize their expertise to start patients along the road to better oral health.

What Can Oral Surgery Treat?

Oral surgery describes the group of procedures that take place on the face, jaw, neck, and head, and is a powerful treatment modality that can be used to treat a variety of oral health conditions. These include, but are not limited to, the following:

Impacted Teeth

This condition occurs when a patient’s tooth fails to erupt and fully grow out of its gums. In these cases, surgical extractions can help restore a patient’s oral health.

Tooth Loss or Decay

Tooth loss is normal in children. However, when it occurs in adults, it can require surgical treatment such as dental implants.

Oral Lesions

Oral lesions are growths or lesions that occur on the mucous membranes, gums, palate, tongue, gingiva and palate in the mouth. When they develop, excision is often used to properly remove them and determine the pathology.

Though this list is not extensive, our knowledgeable team knows which procedure our patients need. By taking an extensive patient history and thoroughly examining their oral cavity, we will work with you to determine your candidacy for one of our oral surgeries.

Why Choose Rutgers Health University Dental Associates?

At our dental facilities, professional collaboration is the hallmark of our patient care. With team members spanning from world-class dentists to seasoned researchers and skilled specialists, we can meet your every need all in one convenient spot. Plus, fitted with state-of-the-art technology, our team regularly delivers the latest advancements in oral medicine through our services, which include an expansive array of new-age oral surgeries in a cutting-edge yet comfortable environment.

No matter what brings you through our doors, the Rutgers Health University Dental Associates team will do what it takes to restore your smile. To discuss one of our oral surgeries or learn more about any of our other dental services, make an appointment today. Contact our Newark facility at 973-972-2444 or our New Brunswick facility at 732-235-505