Oral Pathology Specialists in Newark and New Brunswick, NJ

Rutgers Health University Dental Associates employs specialists across the spectrum of oral health care with a strong commitment to all our patients’ needs. Oral pathology focuses on the mucosa, or pink, smooth skin that lines the mouth, which is susceptible to disease and infection. Any noticeable changes or pain should be checked by an expert for preventative care or diagnosis and treatment.

Oral Lesions
Oral lesions, also referred to as mouth ulcers, are common spots that occur within the mucous membrane. Even small ulcers can cause pain and discomfort, depending on the individual, type of lesion, and any irritation factors. Some lesions can be predictive of cancer or other serious diseases. In extreme cases, lesions can be the result of auto-immune damage, xerostomia, or stomatitis.

Our specialists start by collecting a patient's medical history and conducting an examination of the mouth. The physical characteristics, such as hardness, size, color, and bleeding propensity can give an oral pathologist valuable information for the initial diagnosis. Lastly, a biopsy, in which an oral surgeon takes a small sample of the lesion for testing, can reveal characteristics of the ulcer that are not suggested by the initial examination.

In many cases, the ulcer is not suggestive of a severe root problem and will heal completely on its own. We may prescribe topical creams or oral medications like steroids, which are effective for battling inflammation. Serious diseases or infections may need the attention of a dental surgeon, and Rutgers Health University Dental Associates employs a range of specialists, working collaboratively, with the latest technology to address our patients’ needs.